Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Kids Swap Meets

These have got to be the best idea ever! Last weekend my husband and I took Farah to her first kids swap meet, it's not about trading clothes like I originally thought, it's about buying "new" used clothes and other baby and kids items. Even though we managed to arrive 10 minutes after the doors opened we still ended up being at the end of a very long lineup. We invited our neighbours who are inshAllah expecting a baby in January, but one look at that line up and they were gone. Wasn't expecting that at all, but live and learn.
Once we were in, there were three small conference rooms packed to the ceiling with baby items. Our main goal was to find a swing, as Farah doesn't seem to be content unless she's being held or is being moved around in some way. My husband went off looking while I picked through some great baby clothes, minutes later he comes towards me with this big swing in his hand and a big grin of accomplishment on his face. With more to see we put the swing in a safe spot and kept on shopping, I still can't believe what great condition most of the baby clothes were in, it makes me wonder why in the world did I ever spend so much money on new stuff. While we were searching we found another older style (wind-up) but cheaper swing, it was too hard to resist and our intention was to give it to the neighbours who left.
When we got home I thoroughly cleaned and put together both swings to get them ready for judge Farah. Well they are both baby approved, and even now as I write this she's enjoying her wind up swing and starting to fall asleep. It's going to be hard to part with it but hey at least she'll get a few more good months use out of it.

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